Caroline Dubois & Mai Hua

Words by Séphora Talmud. Photos: Elodie Daguin.
Translated by Millie Wilson.

Caroline Dubois, Mai Hua

Caroline Dubois and Mai Hua are both more than familiar with notions of “serendipity” and “sisterhood”. The two French creatives, of Vietnamese origin, share a very similar outlook on intimate relationships.
The way they listen to others as well as themselves, these girls are so intellectually honest and graceful in how they live their lives, that we could all take a leaf out of their book when it comes to humility and humanity.

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Juliette Desplains & Camille Wilmot

Words by Séphora Talmud // Photos: Elodie Daguin.
Translated by
Kasturi Pindar.

Camille Wilmot, Juliette Desplains

Camille Wilmot and Juliette Desplains are French digital natives who have created their own professions from scratch.
They discuss their desire to work in their preferred fields: for Camille, music and for Juliette, fashion.
From how they launched their businesses to their career aspirations, they talk about what inspires them and the things they’d like to achieve, both personally and professionally.
Two individual paths worth following…

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Camille de La Poëze, Carolane Domart & Juliette Galoisy

Words by Séphora Talmud // Photos taken by Elodie Daguin.
Translated by Kasturi Pindar

Carolane Domart, Camille de La Poëze and Juliette Galoisy

At the height of her career, theatre actress Juliette Galoisy prepares herself for an astonishing future.
Camille de La Poëze is also pursuing theatre and has hit the ground running.
Carolane Domart, a blogger who is less anonymous than she might seem, is taking the mysterious path of ‘influence’.
These three lively women met during a unique improvisation show. They deserve a round of applause.

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Florian Daguin & Gilles Feuermann

Interview by Séphora Talmud // Photos by Elodie Daguin.
Translated by Christabel Chubb.

Florian Daguin, Gilles Feuermann

Florian Daguin is an architect, Gilles Feuermann is an artistic director. Both on the brink of 30, the two men tell the stories of their creative journeys, each full of curiosity, and exchange stories about their passions which have now become jobs. The visions of these inspired and inspiring creative men, who often work in the shadows, deserve to take the spotlight.

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Roxane Ralidera & Neila Romeyssa Sayah

Interview by Séphora Talmud // Photos: Élodie DaguinTranslated by Christabel Chubb.

Roxane Ralidera, Neila Romeyssa Sayah

We call them « influencers ». Behind this mysterious title hide two mischievous, creative and ambitious girls. Their aura goes far beyond the borders of instagram, through their daring universes and their sincere way of speaking. Representatives of a generation, they give off an image which is a far cry from ‘fashion blogger’ clichés. Watch this space!

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Arthur Ouinet & David Simard

Interview by Séphora Talmud // Photos: Élodie Daguin.
Translated by Christabel Chubb.

David Simard, Arthur Ouinet

Two men, two destinies. One works in fashion, the other in music. These two dandies are starting to earn a reputation, through their passion and tireless work ethic.
Arthur Ouinet and David Simard have the same pure expression, looking towards the future, full of faith and hope. Their words offer an immeasurable added value to their respective original creations. They both have a bright future ahead of them.

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Raphaël Léger & Victor T.

Interview by Séphora Talmud // Photos: Élodie Daguin.
Translated by Christabel Chubb.

Raphael Leger Victor T Elodie Daguin Sephora TalmudThey have the same curly hair, same candid look, same fitted striped sweater. They aren’t brothers by blood, however they have both had music running through their veins since they were born. These two actors-composers-performers have 10 years between them. Who would have believed it? Out of the spotlight and alcohol fumes, Raphaël Léger and Victor T. are meeting face to face for an informal chat.

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Chloé de Nombel & Daisy Broom

Interview by Séphora Talmud // Photos: Élodie Daguin.
Translated by Christabel Chubb.

Chloé de Nombel, Daisy Broom

With the full force of their 23 years, Chloé de Nombel and Daisy Broom are bringing new blood to the slowing French cinema industry. With maturity and a striking freshness, the two self-taught women are on the rise in their already well-executed careers. We’re handing over the spotlight to two quirky women- one a costume designer and the other a natural actress. Action!

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Cléa Vincent & Michelle Blades

Interview by Séphora Talmud // Photos: Élodie Daguin.
Translated by Christabel Chubb.

Cléa Vincent, Michelle Blades

These two anti-conformist women could be the heroines of a new-generation novel based on friendship. Independent, ambitious and ingenious girls next door, they redefine the feminine role model of tomorrow. Both authors-composers-interpreters and the leader of their bands, they share everything (or nearly everything) both in their city and on set.
2 great girls, friends for life!

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Christine Phung & Dorothée Hannequin

Interview by Séphora Talmud // Photos: Élodie Daguin.
Translated by Christabel Chubb.

Christine Phung, Dorothée Hannequin

Same cheerful smile, same mischievous and piercing gaze, Christine Phung and Dorothée Hannequin share a limitless taste for production.
With her eponymous brand, Christine Phung is a rising star in the French fashion industry. She creates textured clothes with graphic vibrations, while Dorothée Hannequin creates spirited tracks with American influences, which she expresses through her emblematic voice, under the pseudonym The Rodeo.
Read the conversation between the two talented and bold women, who are conquering their fate.

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Soko & Juliette Lamet

Interview by Séphora Talmud // Photos: Élodie Daguin.
Translated by Christabel Chubb.

Juliette Lamet, Soko

To my right, Soko; a comedian and musician. To my left, Juliette Lamet, a comedian and model. One has hair which is a mix of bleach blonde and brown, she’s pretty and wearing a leather jacket. The other is pretty with light brown hair, also wearing a black leather jacket. The two spookily similar young women could play each other in a film. This is the first meeting between the two soul sisters, just as Soko’s new album is coming out.

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Julien Gasc & Benjamin Mege

Interview by Séphora Talmud // Photos: Élodie Daguin.
Translated by Christabel Chubb.

Benjamin Mege, Julien Gasc

Julien Gasc and Benjamin Mege are Doppelgangers. We challenge you to spot the 7 differences. One is a well respected musician among his label, Born Bad Records and his colleagues there, the other is a director recognized by SXSW, the Berlin Music Video Awards and the International Music Videos Festival… These two complementary artistic talents need to be brought together so they can see their spooky resemblance for themselves. But other than their appearance, what do they have in common?

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