The project

What is Double Stories?

Very good at recalling faces and unbeatable in the “Spot the difference” game, Séphora Talmud launched “Sosies in série” (“Double Stories” in English) in 2015, with the kind participation of Elodie Daguin, a portrait photographer. The tandem has already worked on several interviews of international musicians and artists for the French press, mainly.

This doppelgängers series can be qualified by “side project” and “work in progress”. It’s a really particular project in our lives that has the merit of bringing together our talents and our sensibilities.

It is a series, which consists of seasons, with episodes, and we have the ambition to pursue it ad vitam aeternam. You can learn more about its genesis in Sephora Talmud’s interview on Cheek Magazine (French version only).

What is the purpose of Double Stories?

Beyond their appearance and their striking and undeniable resemblance, do these people have things in common?

Curious to attend this amazing meeting, we like to make them exchange on their respective themes during cross-interviews.

Who are the doppelgängers?

Although the internet brings a lot of anecdotes of more or less fortuitous encounters between doppelgängers, the probability of meeting his double remains low.
We like to organize meetings of look-alikes who are out of the ordinary.

Theses personalities work in cultural and creative industries, and have no relatedness. Even if some of them know each other from afar, because they live in close environments, we immortalize most of the time their first rendez-vous, which is a very special and intimate moment.

When will Double Stories’ next episode be released?

Unlike many media engaging their audience via recurring and continuous posts, Double Stories has released episodes in a somewhat irregular way for a quinquennium.

Indeed, we are very well organized in our respective activities, but this side project that we cherish, depends on our free time, which is very short.

The time between making appointments with these look alikes, arranging their meeting, conducting their interview and publishing the article may therefore vary and be considered as “long”. However, we like to be on the other side of a current topicality of publications.

Hence we would like to thank our dear guest doppelgängers and our dear readers for their patience and eagerness to consult each new episode. Thanks to our British translators for the great work on Double Stories, the English version of this original website!

What’s new for Double Stories?

Today, finally! – it’s never too late – we retrace through a dedicated Instagram account our series of interviews of doppelgängers.

Here, we want to show in a different way the personalities who accepted to play the game of meeting their double, some years, a few months or a few weeks ago.

Find on @sosiesenserie exclusive posts representing doppelgängers with ad hoc quotes (in French), illustrated by Elodie Daguin herself!

Thank you for reading and following us, we hope you enjoy meeting all these inspiring people as much as we do.

Do you have doppelgängers in mind?

If you feel inspired you can propose us some look alikes! Just send us an e-mail.

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