Florian Daguin & Gilles Feuermann

Interview by Séphora Talmud // Photos by Elodie Daguin.
Translated by Christabel Chubb.

Florian Daguin, Gilles Feuermann

Florian Daguin is an architect, Gilles Feuermann is an artistic director. Both on the brink of 30, the two men tell the stories of their creative journeys, each full of curiosity, and exchange stories about their passions which have now become jobs. The visions of these inspired and inspiring creative men, who often work in the shadows, deserve to take the spotlight.

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Roxane Ralidera & Neila Romeyssa Sayah

Interview by Séphora Talmud // Photos: Élodie DaguinTranslated by Christabel Chubb.

Roxane Ralidera, Neila Romeyssa Sayah

We call them « influencers ». Behind this mysterious title hide two mischievous, creative and ambitious girls. Their aura goes far beyond the borders of instagram, through their daring universes and their sincere way of speaking. Representatives of a generation, they give off an image which is a far cry from ‘fashion blogger’ clichés. Watch this space!

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Arthur Ouinet & David Simard

Interview by Séphora Talmud // Photos: Élodie Daguin.
Translated by Christabel Chubb.

David Simard, Arthur Ouinet

Two men, two destinies. One works in fashion, the other in music. These two dandies are starting to earn a reputation, through their passion and tireless work ethic.
Arthur Ouinet and David Simard have the same pure expression, looking towards the future, full of faith and hope. Their words offer an immeasurable added value to their respective original creations. They both have a bright future ahead of them.

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