Juliette Desplains & Camille Wilmot

Words by Séphora Talmud // Photos: Elodie Daguin.
Translated by
Kasturi Pindar.

Camille Wilmot, Juliette Desplains

Camille Wilmot and Juliette Desplains are French digital natives who have created their own professions from scratch.
They discuss their desire to work in their preferred fields: for Camille, music and for Juliette, fashion.
From how they launched their businesses to their career aspirations, they talk about what inspires them and the things they’d like to achieve, both personally and professionally.
Two individual paths worth following…

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Camille de La Poëze, Carolane Domart & Juliette Galoisy

Words by Séphora Talmud // Photos taken by Elodie Daguin.
Translated by Kasturi Pindar

Carolane Domart, Camille de La Poëze and Juliette Galoisy

At the height of her career, theatre actress Juliette Galoisy prepares herself for an astonishing future.
Camille de La Poëze is also pursuing theatre and has hit the ground running.
Carolane Domart, a blogger who is less anonymous than she might seem, is taking the mysterious path of ‘influence’.
These three lively women met during a unique improvisation show. They deserve a round of applause.

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